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                   Praise Songs!

The Praise Songs section contains a host of songs with a contemporary feel for modern worship.  Most are originals, a few are new arrangements, and some are complete musicals.  We have an abundance of examples based upon biblical texts or scripture quotes.  

Song sample: "Take My Life" stewardship praise song on a hymn text.

                Choir Music

The Choir Music section contains anthems in a traditional style, with an emphasis on full harmony and classical lines in the parts.  A few are editions or arrangements of works from the repertory.

Anthem sample: "Precious Jewels" with text on the gathering of His children at the second coming.


The Instrumentals section has keyboard settings of traditional hymns and incidental music to the original musicals from Psalm 96 Music.

Sample instrumental: Overture to "The Eyes of the Carpenter" musical.


            Christmas Music

The Christmas Music section has anthems, carols, original musicals, a new version of the Bach Christmas Oratorio, plus a few new songs for the Christmas season.  

Sample arrangement: "Christmas Carol Medley" of 9 carols for piano solo.

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