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PSB-2050(a-e) "The Holy One Among Us"  Christmas praise musical for 2-part voices accompanied by keyboard or praise band.  Words and music by Dr. Norm Wick.  Grounded in scripture and centered on the Christmas theme, through narrations, readings and music, we explore some important reasons why Jesus came down to earth.

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1. “You Are the Light”  CCLI#6008510  Christ came to be the light of the world.  

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You Are the Light > Score  

2. “Glorified”  CCLI#6008534  Christ came to glorify the Father and to be glorified. 

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Glorified > Score  

3. “Fulfillment”  CCLI#6008565  Christ came to fulfill the law and the prophets.  

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Fulfillment > Score  

4. “Prince of Peace”  CCLI#6008572  Christ came to give us inner peace.  

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Prince of Peace > Score  

5. "You Are Love"  CCLI#6008613  Christ came to make love manifest.    

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You Are Love > Score  

“The Holy One Among Us” explores the question, why did Jesus come?  This musical illuminates five significant biblical reasons for the coming of Christ.  The work is ideal for small choir or youth choir, yet it can be sung by 4-part choir or vocal SATB quartet.  The readings and narrations highlight each blessing of Jesus' arrival at Christmas.  The musical can be sung one section per week through the Advent/Christmas season or in a single 28-minute presentation.  A DVD recording for Sunday School classes is available, as is a PowerPoint slide show for projection during live performance.
Recording Credits:  Katie Wick, soprano; Jennifer Escue, alto; Dr. Norm Wick, tenor, bass, and piano.
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